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After a legendary ass eating, Brooks breaks the novice’s horned up opening in, by hurling his colossal hoard in DEEP. Brandon accepts everything he can, as Silas slams his thick slab in sack profound, slowly, however surely. In the wake of opening Wells’ warm secondary passage up, superstar Silas has the youthful cutie ride his unbendingly, stiff apparatus. The sensual ecstasy of pleasure meeting torment is clear on Brandon’s nice guy mug, as he musters each ounce of cock hungry mental fortitude, swallowing up as much meat as he can. Dom dude, Brooks manhandles the mischievous fledgling over onto every one of the fours, then fucks him like a dirty canine in heat. Silas smashes that supple, youthful seat till his spear spits spew all around the novice’s very much worked opening. Silas’ super splatter soaks Brandon’s butt opening in white-hot intensity, which oozes out, and around his thick dick as he plunges back in. He grabs Wells by the neck, and kisses him close, as a more than warm greeting to Helix for the youthful cutie.