What’s more, don’t you fail to remember it. The following are 10 of life’s perks reserved for the exclusive pleasure in The Gays:

1. Instantly Double Your Wardrobe

"The Changing Room" with Matthew Keading and Jacob Dixon

Before you met him, you claimed twelve tank tops. Magically. Presently you have 24. Sharing clothes with your partner is not just one of the most incredible perks of being gay, it’s also monetarily functional, and that means there’s cash left over for a couple of all the more genuinely necessary tank tops.

2. Guys Know How To Give Head

Dustin Gold

No offense, Ladies. We realize there are a lot of ladies out there who break out the knee pads and get down to business on a dick like it’s a margarita dispenser. Yet, there’s nothing very like the master treatment your man parts get from someone who’s in possession of the proprietor’s manual for the same hardware.

3. Gay Porn Is The Best Porn

Helix Studios

A straight person observing straight pornography needs to mentally shut out the tremendous mass of man-ass, muscle, and cock that is administering the beating of the decent young woman he’s attempting to jerk off to. That is a significant part of screen space being loaded up with stuff that is not supporting his boner. At the point when gay guys watch gay pornography, we get to appreciate 100 percent of what we see.

4. Being Gay Means Freedom (believe it or not)

Kody Knight & Evan Parker

Ask any straight person moving toward 30. The pressure is mounting from all sides to get hitched, make babies, purchase a sedan, sign a home loan, and experience your years making regularly scheduled payments on the entirety of the abovementioned. At the point when you emerge as gay, everybody basically gives up on pushing you into that ordinary life. Call it a blessing in disguise. Eased of the weight of society’s expectations, you’re allowed to ask yourself what you truly deeply desire, and pursue those goals in your own specific manner.

5. Gays Don't Care When You Call Them "Gay"

Jessie Montgomery

Next time someone calls you a cocksucker, hold your head as high as possible and with certainty answer, “Yes I am. What’s more, a damn decent one as well.”

Own that shit.

6. Gays Are The Only Couples That Can Have The Holy Grail Of Sexual Encounters..THE FLIP FUCK

Jacob Dixon & Daniel Bishop

Some guys refuse to bottom while others just bottom, yet most of us fall somewhere in the center. The excellence of being versatile is the opportunity to assume a full scope of sexual roles from prevailing to submissive, at some random time. Once in an extraordinary while, conditions are just ideal for the sacred goal of sexual encounters: The Flip Fuck. Truth: Compared to customary sex, flip fucking lasts generally two times as lengthy and is precisely two times as fun.

7. Gay Dudes Don't Get Knocked Up

Lucas Owens & Andy Taylor

Just something less to stress over.

Furthermore, speaking of no youngsters………..

8. No Children More Money

Helix Pride

Numerous gay couples are choosing to raise a family these days, and more capacity to them. Until the end of us, not being saddled with kids frees up a surplus of time, energy, and cash that gets diverted towards sporting pursuits, similar to vacations, feasting, inventive hobbies, and exercise. They don’t refer to youngsters as “dream crushers” for no good reason. Just joking. However, yet, seriously.

9. We Have Our Own Part Of Town

Helix Boys at Gay Pride

OK, straight individuals have their own neighborhoods as well. OK, straight individuals have basically every one of the neighborhoods. However, The Gayborhood is home to your city’s best eats, liveliest bars, and most interesting individuals. Underneath the rainbow flags you’ll track down an inviting atmosphere, and the sort of very close local area bond that must mean everybody’s slept with everybody at some point.

10. Being Gay Actually Makes You MORE Interesting These Days

Dylan Hall & Sage Porter

Support for gay rights is at an unsurpassed high. Every one of us gets to have an impact in pushing forward what is logical the most quickly progressing social shift in American history. That deserves an incredible huge fuck definitely.

What do YOU cherish most about being gay?